Holistic Urban Resilience (HARMONISE)  – enhancing the security, resilience and sustainability of large scale urban built infrastructure

Planning Responses to Urban Shock – enhancing the adaptive capacity of urban and regional systems to respond to disruption in the UK and Japan

Designing Safer Urban Spaces (DESURBS) – developing design-based tools to protect crowded urban areas from security threats and natural hazards

Critical Local Infrastructure Resilience – exploring radically different ways of adapting and valuing infrastructure to make it resilient in an uncertain future.

Olympic and Mega-Event Security – highlighting the material, social and economic implications of urban areas hosting and securing mega-events 

Resilient Communities – investigated how principles of resilience can be embedded within local communities

Resilient Design (RE-DESIGN) – explored effective and socially acceptable counter-terrorism solutions in crowded public palces

Radicalisation and Resilience investigated how the construction of ‘shared spaces’ can mediate community conflict

Energy Security, Risk and Resilience – explored how future energy supplies will be risk-managed

The Everyday Resilience of the City – investigated how urban security has been normalised through a discourse of resilience

Terrorism, Risk and the City – explored how the financial zones of London coped with terrorsim in the 1990’s

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