Research Papers

Academic Journal Papers
Coaffee, J. (2013) Rescaling and Responsibilising the Politics of Urban Resilience: From National Security to Local Place-Making, Politics doi: 10.1111/1467-9256.12011
.Coaffee, J. (2013) From Securitisation to Integrated Place Making: Towards Next Generation Urban Resilience in Planning Practice, Planning Practice and Research, Vol 28:4 DOI:10.1080/02697459.2013.787693
·Coaffee, J. (2013) Policy transfer, legacy and major sporting events: lessons for London 2012 and beyond, International Journal of Sports Policy and Politics  available online June 2012 DOI:10.1080/19406940.2012.693518
Coaffee. J. (2012)Policy transfer and the regeneration legacy of London 2012, Global Review Journal (Chinese) (in press)
Coaffee, J. and Fussy, P. (2012) Resilient planning for mega sporting events: designing and managing safe and secure urban places, URBE (Brazilian Journal of Urban Management) 3 (2), 165-77.
Rogers C.D.F., Bouch C.J., Williams S., Barber A.R.G., Baker C.J., Bryson J.R., Chapman D.N., Chapman L., Coaffee J., Jefferson, I. and Quinn A.D. (2011 ) Resistance and Resilience – Paradigms for Critical Local Infrastructure – Proceedings of the Institute of Civil Engineers: Mechanical Engineering,  Vol 165 (2), 73 –83.
Coaffee, J. (2012) Resilience through lockdown: Reflections on ‘total security’ preparations for London 2012, British Society of Criminology Newsletter, No. 70, Summer, 7-
Fussey, P. and Coaffee, J.  (2012) Balancing Local and Global Security Leitmotifs: Counter-Terrorism and the Spectacle of Mega-Sport Events, International Review of Sociology of Sport, 47(3), 268–285
Fussey, P, Coaffee, J., Hobbs, D. and Armstrong, G. (2012) The Late-modern Olympics and the suburban theme park, British Journal of Sociology, 63 (2) 260-84
Evans, B; Crooks, L. and Coaffee, J. (2012) Fatness/obesity and the city: critical urban geographies, Geography Compass, 6(2), 100–110
• Coaffee, J., Fussey, P., and Moore, C. (2011) ‘Laminating security for London 2012: Enhancing security infrastructures to defend mega sporting events’, Urban Studies, 48 (15), 3311-3328
• Coaffee, J. and O’Hare, P. (2011) Co-Opting Urban Planners into the ‘‘War on Terror’’: A ‘‘Balanced Way’’ for Domestic Security, part of, Jacoby, T. et al (ed) The Forum: Dealing with the Aftermath of Political Violence, International Studies Review, 13, 2, 376-85
• Coaffee, J. (2010) Protecting vulnerable cities: the UK resilience response to defending everyday urban infrastructure, International Affairs, 86 (4) 939-54
• O’Hare, P., Coaffee, J. and Hawkesworth, M. (2010) Managing sensitive relations in co-produced planning research, Public Money and Management, 30 (4) 243-251
• Coaffee, J. (2009) Protecting the Urban: the dangers of planning for terrorism Theory, Culture & Society 2009, 26(7–8): 343–355
• Coaffee, J., O’Hare, P., and Hawkesworth, M. (2009) The Visibility of (In)security: The Aesthetics of Planning Urban Defences Against Terrorism, Security Dialogue 2009; 40; 489-511
• Coaffee, J. and O’Hare, P. (2008) Urban resilience and national security: the role for planners, Proceeding of the Institute of Civil Engineers: Urban Design and Planning, 161, Issue DP4, 171-182.
• Coaffee, J. (2008) Risk, resilience, and environmentally sustainable cities, Energy Policy, 36 (12) 4633-4638
• Coaffee, J. and Bosher, L. (2008) Urban resilience: an international perspective (Guest editorial), Proceeding of the Institute of Civil Engineers: Urban Design and Planning, Vol. 161, Issue DP4, 145-146.
• Coaffee, J. and Rogers, P. (2008) Reputational risk and resiliency: The branding of security in place-making, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, 4 (3) 205-17
• Coaffee, J. and Van Ham, P. (2008) ‘Security branding’: The role of security in marketing the city, region and state (Guest Editorial) Place Branding and public Diplomacy, 4 (3) 191-94,
• Coaffee, J., Moore, C., Fletcher, D. and Bosher, L. (2008) Resilient design for community safety & terror-resistant cities, Proceeding of the Institute of Civil Engineers: Municipal Engineer, Vol 161, Issue ME2, 103-110.
• Coaffee, J. and Bosher, L. (2008) Integrating counter-terrorist resilience into sustainability, Proceeding of the Institute of Civil Engineers: Urban Design and Planning, Vol 161, Issue DP”, 75-84
• Coaffee, J. and Rogers, P. (2008) Rebordering the city for new security challenges: From Counter Terrorism to Community Resilience, Space and Polity, 12, 2, 101-118
• Coaffee, J. and Murakami Wood, D (2006) ‘Security is coming home – Rethinking scale and constructing resilience in the global urban response to terrorist risk, International Relations 20(4) 503-17
• Coaffee, J. (2006) ‘From counter-terrorism to resilience’, European Legacy – Journal of the International Society for the study of European Ideas (ISSEI) 11.4, 389-403
• Coaffee, J. (2006) ‘New security challenges and urban resilience – planning out terrorism and risk in central London (Stedelijke veiligheid en veerkracht), AGORA – Tijdschrift Voor social-Ruimtelijke Vraagstukken (Dutch Social Science Journal), 22 (1), 16-19
• Coaffee, J. (2005) Urban renaissance in the age of terrorism – revanchism, social control or the end of reflection? International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Vol. 29 (2) 447-54
• Rogers, P. and Coaffee, J. and. (2005) Moral Panics and Urban Renaissance: Policy, Tactics and Lived Experiences in Public Space, City, 9 (3), 321-40
• Coaffee, J. (2004) Rings of steel, rings of concrete and rings of confidence: designing out terrorism in central London pre and post 9/11, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Vol. 28.1, 201-11.
• Coaffee, J. (2003) Morphing the counter-terrorist response – Beating the bombers in London’s financial heart, Knowledge, Technology and Power (US Journal), Vol.16 (2), 63-83.

Review articles
• Coaffee, J. (2011) Planning in resilience against terrorism, Crisis Response Journal, 6(4) 48-49
• Coaffee, J. (2007) Terrorist-proofing the City, Social Science Teacher, Vol 37 (1), pp 7-10

Book chapters
•Coaffee, J. (2013 in press) Epilogue: From polarisation to shared spaces: the influence of the built environment in contested societies, in Brand, R. and Fregonese, S., The Radicals’ city; Urban environment, polarisation, Cohesion. (Ashgate, Farnham)
.Coaffee, J. and Fussey, P. (2012) Securing the Games, in Girginov, V. (Ed) Bidding, Delivering and Engaging with the Olympics (London: Routledge), 99-113
.Fussey, P. and Coaffee, J, (2011, in press) Urban Spaces of Surveillance, International Handbook of Surveillance Studies, Ball, K, et al Eds, London: Routledge, 201-8
• Fussey, P., and Coaffee, J. (2011) ‘Olympic Rings of Steel: Constructing security for 2012 and beyond’, in C. Bennett and K. Haggerty (eds.) The Security Games; surveillance and control at mega events (London: Routledge), 36-54
• Coaffee, J. (2011) Strategic security planning and the resilient design of Olympic sites, in Richards, A. et al Terrorism and the Olympics: Major event security and lessons for the future, Routledge, London. 118-132
• Coaffee, J. and Fussey, P. (2010) ‘Olympic Security’, in J. Gold and M. Gold (eds.) Olympic Cities: City Agendas, Planning, and the World’s Games, 1896 to 2016, 2nd Edition, London: Routledge, 167-179
• Coaffee, J. (2009) The resilient response to economic terrorist targeting in the UK, in Richardson, H. et al, Global Business and the terrorist threat Edward Elgar, Cheltenham , pp. 92-118
• Coaffee. J. and Rogers, P. (2009) Rebordering the city for new security challenges: From Counter Terrorism to Community Resilience, in Rumford, C. (ed) Citizens and Borderwork in Contemporary Europe, Routeldge, 101-118
• Coaffee, J. (2008) Security planning in the resilient city, in Bosher, L (ed) Hazards and the Built Environment: addressing Disaster, Risk Reduction in Construction, Taylor and Francis, pp.300-317
• Coaffee, J. and Murakami Wood, D. (2008) Terrorism and Surveillance, in Hall, T, et al, The SAGE Companion to the city, Sage, London pp.352-372.
• Murakami Wood, D. and Coaffee, J. (2007) ‘Lockdown! Resilience, Resurgence and the Stage-set City’, in R. Atkinson and G. Helms (ed.) Securing the Urban Renaissance, Bristol: Policy Press, pp.91-106
• Coaffee, J. (2004) Recasting the ‘ring of steel’: Designing out terrorism in the City of London, in Graham, S. and Marvin, S. ‘Cities, War and Terrorism’, Blackwell, Oxford, p.276-96.
• Coaffee, J. (2004) Transforming the counter-terrorism response, in Clarke, D. (ed), Technology and Terrorism, Transaction, New Brunswick/London, p.193-216.
• Coaffee, J. (2000) Fortification, fragmentation and the threat of terrorism in the City of London, in Gold, J.R and Revill, G.E, (eds) Landscapes of Defence, Addison Wesley Longman London, p.114-129.

Professional Journal Papers
• Coaffee, J., Moore, C and Barnard-Wills, D (2009) Terrorism and Crowded Places: Lessons from Mumbai, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Homeland Security and Resilience Monitor, October, 17-18
• Hawkesworth, M and Coaffee, J (2009) Regulating for anti-terror design, Industrial and Building Regulations Handbook, 2009, pp.8-10
• Coaffee, J. (2008) Redesigning counter-terrorism for soft targets, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Homeland Security and Resilience Monitor, March, Vol 7, No 2, 16-17

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