The Everyday Resilience of the City

Coaffee, J., Murkami-Wood, D and Rogers, P. (2008) The Everyday Resilience of the City: How Cities Respond to Terrorism and Disaster, Palgrave/Macmillian.

Synopsis: In a time classed breathlessly as the ‘age of terror,’ when emergency has become normal, states are trying to find ways to make them cities less vulnerable and to build in ‘resilience.’ This book examines the practice of urban resilience past and present, drawing on deeper global historical sources and detailed case-studies of contemporary Britain. It argues that resilience is neither new nor necessarily about protecting ordinary people, but part of a long struggle over the control of cities.

This book will make fascinating reading for all those concerned with the future of nations in which arguments for liberty appear to be losing out to the demands of security and surveillance, of cities in a world becoming more urban and more multicultural, and of communities in which we are all expected to be watching each other for signs of ‘terrorism’.

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