This website is authored by Jon Coaffee, Professor of Urban Geography at the University of Warwick, UK. It will bring together work related to the physical, economic and socio-political strategies developed to enhance the resilience of urban areas against an array of disruptive challenges and events facing the contemporary city such as terrorist attack, riots, flooding and earthquakes. Within this context, it will analyse the ability of businesses, governments and communities to anticipate shocks, and ultimately embed resilience within the built environment, the planning system and the everyday activities of a wide range of professional stakeholders and civil society organisations. Although currently much of this work is my own, I hope the site will become an information portal to the wider body of work in this evolving and transdisciplinary area which connects debates in urban geography with town planning, architecture, civil engineering, disaster management and political science.

In terms of my own research, I have been funded by a variety of UK Research Council programs for ‘New Security Challenges’ and ‘Global Uncertainties’ as well as the European Union. This work focuses upon a number of material and managerial aspects of urban resilience and has been widely published, including as a series of research monographs: Terrorism Risk and the City (2003), The Everyday Resilience of the City: How cities respond to terrorism and disaster (2008); Terrorism Risk and the Global City: Towards urban resilience (2009) and Sustaining and Securing the Olympic City: reconfiguring London for 2012 and beyond (2011).

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